What your body needs?

Poly Dacron Heavy Battle Rope

Sport is a way to live happily away from old age, as it is considered the best way to maintain health and improve the general mood, because it has great effects in reducing the rates of disease. It lowers blood sugar levels, restores the balance of pressure in the body, relieves it from stress and nervousness, It is also possible through sports to burn the extra calories that avoid most diseases of the times, such as obesity, high cholesterol, and heart diseases such as blood clots and arteriosclerosis. There are various sports practiced by individuals around the world. There are hiking, running, swimming, horse riding, skiing, gymnastics and bowling, and there are self-defense games such as Taekwondo, Karate and kickboxing, in addition to other sports such as fencing, tennis, volleyball, soccer, and basket, as well as mental sports. Like chess and intelligence games, and other types of sports, which each has followers and amateurs from all countries of the world.
The best sports for the body
Walking: This sport is one of the easiest types that can be practiced by all people, even non-athletes, and it is the most popular in the world, and it is preferred to walk for at least half an hour per day to obtain its health benefits, and it can be enjoyed more when walking in open places or beautiful gardens The view, and the treadmill can also be used indoors if you cannot get out. This sport has many benefits: it helps to burn calories and get rid of obesity, as it is useful in softening the muscles and joints, improving the breathing process, emptying the psychological pressures and improving the general mood, and this simple sport also helps to improve blood flow to the organs of the body, move the circulation and reduce Cholesterol.
It is one of the sports that increases the activity of the body, and reduces the chances of developing uterine and breast cancers, because it helps to reduce the secretion of the estrogen hormone that causes tumor growth in women. This sport also helps in reducing rates of diabetes, and preserves the secretion of endorphins that relieve pain and muscle spasms, as well as It lowers blood pressure and reduces harmful cholesterol in the body.
It is one of the most beneficial sports for health, as it helps to move all the muscles of the body and strengthens them significantly, as it tightens the body and maintains its flexibility, as it speeds up the process of burning fats, as it rid the body of about 350 calories in less than half an hour, as it works on Stimulating blood circulation, softening the joints, and improving mood, due to the effect of water and salts in it on human health.

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