Belly Fat

lose weight
lose weight

Here are the main reasons for the belly fat:

Excessive consumption of foods and drinks rich in sugar or fructose, such as: cake, sweets, soft drinks, coffee, and sweetened tea.

Excessive alcohol consumption.
To drink more natural juices, they contain high levels of sugar that enhance insulin resistance, which increases belly fat.

Excessive consumption of foods with high levels of trans-fats or hydrogenated fats, such as biscuits and cakes.

Follow a low-protein diet. Lacking protein in the diet promotes hunger, and thus eating more food.

Eating a diet low in fiber and high in refined carbohydrates.

Hormonal changes at menopause, which lead to the transformation of fat stored in the hips and thighs into visceral fat in the abdomen.

Imbalance in the intestinal bacteria, which may cause weight gain, including belly fat.
High cortisol in the body due to stress and tension, which ultimately leads to increased abdominal fat.

Genetic causes may play an important role in storing calories and the appearance of rumen.

Lack of sleep or lack of sleep well, negatively affects weight and helps in the appearance of rumen.

Lethargy, lack of movement and lack of exercise.
Having diseases that lead to weight gain, such as thyroid disease.

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