Lose weight without a diet!

Lose weight without a diet!
Lose weight

Weight loss without diet!
Many people hate hearing the word diet, especially when they need to lose weight, due to the negative feeling left by their previous followers of dietary regimes and strict regimes that cause hunger and deprivation and are not based on scientifically and nutritionally correct grounds, and this affects the psychological state of them, and may result in apostasy. Backlash with binge eating.

Any person can lose weight more successfully without following a specific diet and restricting it for limited time periods by following the system of making small changes gradually and making it part of the human lifestyle until he gets used to it and does not feel in a difficult commitment. In this way, if a person becomes accustomed to changes and becomes an integral part of his daily life, he can lose weight and not return to it again, in addition to many health benefits that his body gains, which include reducing the risk of chronic diseases that obesity may cause such as: cardiovascular disease, And control diabetes and lower blood pressure for those affected.

In this case, the person must determine his habits and wrong behaviours that contributed to the weight gain and then work to change it gradually, and he must educate nutritionally to know the right choices, as knowledge of something is one of the causes of behaviour change.

Basics of losing weight

There are several basics of weight loss, the most important of which are:
– That the calories that the body burns more than those consumed.
– Doing exercises.(Home, office,…ect)
– Modify lifestyle and nutritional behaviours.

Behaviours and habits that contribute to weight loss without diet

  • The first correct behaviours for losing weight without diet lies in setting a logical and realistic plan for making gradual changes in a person’s lifestyle, and not setting difficult goals to avoid frustration in the absence of access to them. On the contrary, making one or two changes in one stage and adhering to them is considered a success and contributes to encouraging The person to abide instead of feeling failure and frustrated.
  • Work on writing down your meals, their times, places to eat, and the motive behind eating them, including the feelings that may have led to eating. You also have to write down what you do in your day hours, so that you can identify weaknesses and problems in your lifestyle to work on changing them, for example if Your daily schedule contains 3 hours of watching TV and 12 hours of sleep and does not contain any hours of exercise. You can identify the problem and start treating it.
  • A person should not be frustrated when he finds that his weight loss is slow, as the most successful programs in losing weight and not gaining him again are long-term, long-term programs that embrace gradual changes and make them part of a person’s daily lifestyle and daily habits, just like brushing teeth when getting up from Sleep every morning
  • It should be known that there is no diet, magic step, or a certain type of food that must be eaten or avoided for weight loss, as we see in popular diets such as: cabbage diet, pineapple diet, potato diet and other diets that underestimate people’s minds and exploit their urgent need to lose weight, even if He found a magical solution to obesity and overweight for everyone to follow and rid us of the problem of obesity forever.
  • Making meals more numerous and smaller, as serving sizes have increased in recent years, both at home and abroad, and man has come to depend on these external measures to determine the amount of food that saturates him instead of relying on the body’s internal indicators of hunger and satiety, where a person must learn to eat The amount that saturates it and provides it with the energy and nutrients needed without feeling overfed. For example, a person must learn to be satisfied with eating a cup and a half of rice instead of three, and one piece of chicken instead of two, and one piece of candy from time to time instead of many pieces in the form Touched Once.
  • Choose foods that are low in caloric intensity, as the higher the nutrient content of water and dietary fibre and the lower the fat content the lower the calorie intensity in it and contribute to a greater feeling of satiety versus less calories.
  • Ensure that you consume enough water, as water helps in controlling weight in many ways, including that foods that contain a high amount of water, such as: soups contribute to feeling more full and reduce caloric intensity in food as mentioned, and that drinking water between meals It reduces the feeling of hunger and reduces the amount of food eaten to satisfy thirst, as containing food on water makes it an option to fill the thirst, not hunger sometimes. Water helps the digestive system adapt to a diet high in dietary fiber. Make sure to drink at least one cup of water between two meals and one cup while eating, and make sure to drink at least 8 cups of water per day with an increase in exposure to hot weather or when exercising.
  • Doing exercise regularly, even if it is a simple sport such as walking for half an hour, for three or four times a week.
  • It may be difficult for a person to lose weight without dieting in the aforementioned methods alone, and he may need a dietitian to help him make a gradual plan, determine the appropriate steps, organise it, and progress it successfully.

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