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Bodybuilding is one of the most common and specific things among young people, as most aspire to gain and increase the size of their muscles and thus improve the appearance of their bodies so that they become more slender, beautiful and healthy; Because the sport of bodybuilding not only increases the size of the muscles, but increases the strength of the joints and ligaments of the body, it also increases the density of the bones of the body, so that a person can then bear heavy weights and loads, and the likelihood of developing osteoporosis becomes less, and his body becomes highly capable of fighting and resisting many diseases. Specifically, chronic such as diabetes, heart disease and obesity in addition to rheumatism, as it has great benefits that activate brain cells and nerve cells and thus modify mood and reduce a person’s exposure to many psychological disorders, most notably tension, anxiety, and depression, in addition to preserving the body’s balance and the human ability to focus; Therefore, we will discuss here the secret that enables you to be on the list of people who own these bodies, and how you can start achieving this.

Starting a bodybuilding journey

A large percentage of young people think that going to the gym and exercising enables you to have a perfect body, and this is very wrong; Because the topic is not only dependent on exercise, but includes diet, for example, and the most prominent steps or stages include the following:

Take body measurements

Here you must take a measurement of your weight, the weight of those muscles and the percentage of fat in your body, and you must also take the measurement of your arms, thighs, shoulders and the circumference of your chest, in addition to taking a picture of your body from the front, back and side, and continue to do this every month, for example, to notice the difference.

Choose the right body

Bodybuilding is not achieved by choosing any gym or sports club, rather it must meet a set of conditions, most notably:

  • To be in an area near you; So that you do not feel lazy if he is in a remote area.
  • That its cost is appropriate and reasonable.
  • To include iron training equipment or machines

Follow a specific diet

Here, your diet must include a certain group of important nutrients, most notably the following:
Fats are both saturated and unsaturated.
Minerals and salts.
Each of them plays a specific role in building your body’s muscles, with the exception of the nutritional value that you will get after consuming these nutrients.

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