Bodybuilding and weightlifting .. know the difference

Man Using Barbell

Bodybuilding is all about building a muscular and aesthetic physique, and many bodybuilders make a mistake in testing their strength and how much they can lift, when their goal is to use weight to sculpt the body, this does not mean that bodybuilders are not strong, but their goal is not to Show how well they can lift certain exercises.

Each type of exercise has a different effect on the body, and people should show what the exercises are aimed at, in order to choose accordingly.

Weightlifters incorporate a lot of basic bodybuilding exercises into their routine, but their primary training method is to push / pull the heaviest loads possible using triples (multiples) and multiples (repetitions).

With this low-frequency technique, the maximum strength potential can be reached, but the type of body that will be built using pure strength training will be different from the bodybuilding machine.

Bodybuilders usually strive to obtain a well-proportioned physique. They achieve these results by using medium to heavy weights in their routines, as well as more sets and repetitions to pump their muscles with blood. A greater number of reps / groups are combined with a program that targets all major muscle groups.

Use of heavy weights

When we talk about building an impressive body, there is one thing that goes in favor of weightlifting, which is what bodybuilding does not provide, and this is the intensity that can only be gained through training with heavy weights.

So a great way to develop a strong, well-shaped muscle is to combine some weightlifting moves and supplement the muscles with bodybuilding exercises. Adding these heavy-duty lifts 2-3 times a week is a surefire way to add some muscle density.

Take the legs for example. After the proper warm-up combinations, you can do the legs with squats. You can increase the weight on the bar and do a few sets of triples, doubles and even singles with a spotter. “Finish” the legs with higher and leaner reps (of course, use a suitable exercise for this goal).

This type of training takes a toll on your body, so it is important to let the body you trained recover adequately. Don’t do the same type of strenuous body workout that you just worked for a few days after your current workout.

How to add heavy days to your routine

• Start by choosing a target body part and compound exercise, which you will do with heavy weights (3-4 sets of 1-5 reps) for one exercise. We always have a spotter near by.

Don’t forget to warm your baby, then start lightly before pushing yourself into a heavy position over 3-4 sets.

• Do 2-3 more exercises for the target area with higher reps and moderate weights.

• Rest the target area for a week

• Monitor and write down your weights and the amount you lift. We already mentioned that this isn’t about the amount of lifting, but rather the lifting of large loads as a result of the enlarged muscles of your body.

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