Benefits of massage

Woman Getting a Massage
Taken by Andrea Piacquadio

Massage and its benefits:
Massage or massage is an excellent way to get rid of muscle tension by stimulating the body to relax. Recent scientific studies have proven that massage eliminates the physical pain that arises from muscular exertion, and the massage gives psychological comfort.
There is another way to massage, through the use of heated volcanic stones in the conduct of the massage, due to the many benefits of these hot stones and oils used. This massage is performed with mental comfort and clarity, because these heated stones and oils used to help the muscles relax and treat them deeply. This method is equivalent in its strength and effect to performing ten times of a regular massage, and as for the diseases that are treated with this technique of massage, it includes insomnia, poor circulation, back pain, muscle tension and psychological and emotional frustration. The Chinese have used this method since 2000 BC.

Massage is one of the oldest Chinese therapeutic arts that have been known for thousands of years, and interest in it has increased at the present time, in addition to the increased demand for health massage clinics, as just hearing the word massage creates a kind of relief and relieves pressure, and therefore many strive to obtain Get muscle and mental rest, on the massage bed.

Massage carries a lot of health and psychological benefits, as it stimulates blood circulation, makes the skin take enough oxygen, strengthens muscles, removes fatigue and stress, in addition to relieving various pressures such as nervousness and anxiety, lack of an atmosphere of safety, family problems, financial problems, Muscle strain, many responsibilities, nervous headaches and other stresses in life.

As we know, the markets are crowded with oils and creams for massage, but they will not achieve the desired goal except with the correct massage exercises, until the skin helps to absorb these oils, and even send in the soul comfort and reassurance, and massage can be harmful, and lead to negative results, if it is done randomly, this can be It causes sagging of the skin, and the distribution of pain, rather than reducing it, and may lead to inflammation in the muscles, and therefore massage can be dangerous if it is not done under the supervision of a specialist, relaxation is considered one of the methods of anti-stress and anxiety, and there are a number of relaxation methods that most peoples have known for a long time Yoga, massage, massage, etc. Modern relaxation methods are based on a set of simple exercises and exercises aimed at relaxing the body and soul, by deep breathing and exercising the whole body to relax and eliminate muscle tension, and relaxation is used in medicine, psychotherapy and clinical psychology in various ways for a long time. 1929 Psychiatrist Gibbson showed interest in discovering ways to relax muscles in an orderly manner. The benefit of relaxation exercise in reducing anxiety and developing mental health, that the life of the body is a form of great pressure from work, whether from the home or the surrounding environment, and in the case of disability and many concerns and worries, which turn into a burning mass that causes psychological disorders, such as anxiety, tension, depression and others, in addition to Disturbance in practical, psychological and environmental functioning, and in these cases, we must resort to relaxation, and relaxation. It is a muscle and mental massage that has great benefits for humans, and by mental we mean yoga exercises, suggestion and meditation, suggestion uses the subconscious mind, and intends to instil a positive idea to relieve pressure to convert the idea into practical behaviour The human mind is fertile ground, and the idea is a seed that the individual watered with focus and meditation, so that it produces good fruits that lead to mental health, far from any external stimuli that distract ideas, stimulate blood circulation and thus relieve breathing troubles, muscle tension, and lead to a state of complete relaxation that must be completed Musculature at the hands of specialists to achieve psychological comfort and stability.

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