Healthy diet for obesity and diabetes

By Malidate Van

A healthy diet for obesity and diabetes


Fresh vegetables: all kinds, such as: tomatoes – lettuce – carrots – cucumbers – and so on.

Cooked vegetables: Zucchini – peas – beans – kidney beans – okra – mallow – spinach – green beans – eggplant – and so on.

Fava beans – Taameya – Sprouted beans – Lentils -.

Milk, milk without sugar – curdled milk – yogurt – cheese of all kinds.

Red meat – chicken – rabbits – fish – eggs.

Fruits: orange – tangerine – guava – watermelon – cantaloupe – pineapple – pears – peaches – apricots – strawberries – plums – apples.


Sweets made of sugar: Mushebak – Harissa – Basbousa – Battuh – Kahk – Knafeh – Qatayef – Baklava – Chocolate and so on.

Cane juice – sweetened sugar juices – gelato – carbonated water.

Fruits that contain a high amount of sugar, such as grapes, figs, and dates.

Starchy materials such as rice, pasta, potatoes and taro.

Okinawa Flat Belly Tonic
Okinawa Flat Belly Tonic


Adherence to a proper nutrition regimen is an essential part of diabetes treatment.

· Analyzing blood sugar every two months approximately, and submitting to the attending physician to monitor diabetes and adjust medications according to blood sugar level and according to health status.

Pay attention to the cleanliness and safety of the feet, not to wear narrow shoes, and not to walk without shoes.

A light meal (sandwich or fruit) should be eaten between breakfast and lunch, as well as between lunch and dinner.

· In the event of a severe depression with profuse sweat and a strong desire for food, one should rush to take a spoonful of sugar or a piece of candy until food is brought, and then consult the treating physician.

Insulin is essential for diabetics in cases of pregnancy from its inception and other cases determined by the attending physician.

Best wishes for your recovery.

The perfect treatment for diabetes and weight loss

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