All you need to know about the “ISO-100”

«Iso-100» is one of the most important and best nutritional supplements that are recommended by many in the world of bodybuilding in order to give the body some of the vitamins it needs. It has many uses for the body with huge benefits. ISO 100 is the best type of isolate and purified whey protein,Continue reading “All you need to know about the “ISO-100””

Peptide and steroid .. know the difference between them?

Peptide hormones are secreted in the endocrine glands to regulate many physiological functions. What is the function of the peptide hormone?They include growth and appetite, improving metabolism, improving heart function, and reducing feelings of stress. In short, a peptide hormone performs a wide range of physiological processes in the body. What is the difference betweenContinue reading “Peptide and steroid .. know the difference between them?”

Bodybuilding and weightlifting .. know the difference

Bodybuilding is all about building a muscular and aesthetic physique, and many bodybuilders make a mistake in testing their strength and how much they can lift, when their goal is to use weight to sculpt the body, this does not mean that bodybuilders are not strong, but their goal is not to Show how wellContinue reading “Bodybuilding and weightlifting .. know the difference”

Top 10 Muscle Building Foods

Top 10 Muscle Building Foods Exercise is not sufficient to build and amplify muscles, so you should also pay attention to food because it is the basis for building muscle, and providing the body with the necessary energy, vitamins and protein. In this article, we mention the top 10 foods that help build muscle effectively.1-Continue reading “Top 10 Muscle Building Foods”

Vitamins and sports

Vitamins They are organic materials whose presence in food is bound, even in small quantities, because they are necessary for growth and healthy life, and recent studies indicate that some vitamins are important in terms of their optimal function of the immune system. Their absence or presence in insufficient quantities leads to delays in growthContinue reading “Vitamins and sports”

Bodybuilding Secret

Bodybuilding! Bodybuilding is one of the most common and specific things among young people, as most aspire to gain and increase the size of their muscles and thus improve the appearance of their bodies so that they become more slender, beautiful and healthy; Because the sport of bodybuilding not only increases the size of theContinue reading “Bodybuilding Secret”

Getting Back Into the Gym: How to Plan Your Return

Getting back into the gym after some time away is hard. Learn how to get your strength back, and more, without sustaining any injuries. It’s happened to almost all of us at one point or another. You take an extra day off to rest, which turns into a week, then you’re taking 2 weeks offContinue reading “Getting Back Into the Gym: How to Plan Your Return”

Full Body training schedule for beginners

A complete muscle building training scheduleWe will talk about the most important foundations for building a successful training schedule for building muscle as quickly as possible while avoiding bumps and injuries as much as possible: First stage (general training for all muscles): There is a common mistake among beginners in bodybuilding where starting with heavyContinue reading “Full Body training schedule for beginners”

25-Minute Bodyweight Workout

Me as a trainer, I’m always asked the questions: When is the best time to work out? Should I work out in the mornings? Should I work out after work? Should I workout outside of the gym?  Truth is, it really depends on the person. But here are three reasons why fitting in a 25-minute bodyweightContinue reading “25-Minute Bodyweight Workout”

Alopecia and Creatine

Does Creatine Cause Hair Loss? Dr. Award Tinsley, are eager to report another half-year study that will help answer one of the most widely recognized worries about creatine supplementation: does it cause male pattern baldness? In particular, the examination will take a gander at whether day by day creatine monohydrate supplementation causes balding or anyContinue reading “Alopecia and Creatine”